DelGrosso's Amusement Park and 5-Star Casino

Out here in Tipton Pennsylvania, we bring you the home of family fun and incredible food with entertainment. Here at DelGrosso’s Amusement Park and Casino, you can enjoy our 80-acre land which has been dedicated to funfair rides suited for all the family and we’d like to tell you all about it.

History of Bland’s Park

Bland’s Park has been around since 1909, this is the site’s name given the land belong to the Bland family which used it as a family farm. It was purchased in 1946 by the DelGrosso family. The name Bland’s Park remained up until 2000 when the family chose to honour it with the more appealing title DelGrosso’s Amusement Park and Casino. The park has become famous in this time for its family-friendly environment. The park offers a classic selection of rides, provides quality food, there is a range of games for children and adult, plus, free on-site parking. When the weather holds, we provide picnics and live music from the pavilion area.

The Park has seen its fair share of change, having survived the toils of being a family-run farm, going through the days of the Great Depression, it was in need of repair having provided so much during hard-times. The DelGrosso’s took the site on with very little of it to be admired. Renovation began in 1946 with investment made to turn this once family land into a successful amusement park. Later, further additions were added to the park including a waterpark area which came about in 1997 and further expansions in ‘99 and 2016 with the casino (initially just on the web via this site), given the popularity of this adult entertainment, which at this time saw a boom in the gambling market found within the like of casinos.

The DelGrosso’s founded the DelGrosso Foods business and got their wealth through the production and distribution of Italian food and item.


The park holds over 30 incredible rides, loads of games and food stalls, plus the newly installed waterpark. The DelGrosso’s Amusement Park and Casino has rides for both adults and children. Each year the park provides events like the fourth of July fireworks show called the Summer Thunder, which is the parks biggest event attraction.

They host Native American Pow Wow rituals, Italian Festivals and also a Harvestfest every September. If you love your food, then there is a special Spaghetti Wednesday to indulge in. Make sure to keep up to date with our latest videos that we post frequently on our YouTube Channel

The casino on-site allows for adults to enjoy some fun pleasures of the blackjack table, poker table and slot machines.

One of the main attractions is the roller coater the Crazy Mouse Ride. This was built in 2004, which also saw the introduction of the Wacky Worm children’s roller coaster ride.

Other areas of entertainment to look out for is the Pharaoh’s Fury, Scrambler, Free Fall, Tilt-A-Whirl, the Dodgems, Carousel, Dizzy Dragons and the Yo-Yo.

We look forward to your visit.